Brockway Trucks
Mission Statement

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The purpose of the organization is to promote the significance of the Brockway Carriage Works, Brockway Motor Truck Company of Cortland, Inc, and Brockway Motor Company, (here collectively called the Brockway companies) by preserving the history of the Brockway companies, documenting the impact the Brockway companies had on the Cortland County area, and making this information available for increased historical and cultural awareness of the public.

The organization will achieve this goal by developing a Brockway museum where it will be able to preserve a collection of vintage trucks, memorabilia, and company records in a climate controlled environment, make these available as education exhibits to the public at large, and conduct events such as the Brockway Truck Show.   

 James Price

Vice President
Hugh Riehlman

Tom Millard

 Robert Mudge